published in 2016

208 pages

Let’s face it, most of us have issues or some fault with our memories. It’s natural and what makes us human and not an iOS system. whether it’s dates of anniversaries, names, Important numbers, or even a grocery list. We’ve all been there.

“Hi i’m Andy”

“Hi the hell is his name ….there i’m John”

“Hi John its nice to meet you”

“Uh, likewise…Damn it he just said his name” 

If you can’t relate to the past paragraph and awkward dialogue between Andy and John, you might as well skip this review Mr/Mrs iOS memory.

For those of us who struggle with memory and recalling information, Hello! welcome to this review on “You can have an amazing memory” by Dominic O’Brien, an EIGHT time world memory champion

MEMORY CHAMPION, 8 TIMES! i didn’t even know there was such a competition but there you go.



Dominic talks about his early life, being diagnosed with dyslexia and about his high school years. He wasn’t highly thought of by his school teachers and labelled him as a slow, lethargic day dreaming teenager who would not to amount to much in the future. they wouldn’t have dared envision him to become an 8 (EIGHT!) time memory champion and have his name in the Guinness book of world records.

He was inspired by a memory man by the name of Creighton Carvello on TV who could recall a random sequence of 52 deck of cards. Determined to decode his technique, he goes on to break the record of Carvello in time taken to memorize a deck of cards. 

So Here’s why i believe this book is a work of wonder. In it there are 15 different exercises and tests. I personally tried one in which i tried to memorize my credit card number, within 2 tries, i managed to memorize it flawlessly! the techniques that Dominic provides and the methods in this book are that super effective.

But Here’s the catch. it all boils down to you. Your effort in trying these methods and going through the tests and exercises are vital if you want the results. I gave them a shot and each one has been rewarding. That moment when you can recall anything you want, almost as flawlessly as you’d imagine, is within your reach.

You will be the John that remembers Andy, and a lot more.

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Worth Re-reading10


10Worth the effort. Very effective.