Review Policy

We are always excited to collaborate and review works of independent and major authors. Please keep in mind that the reviews done at the Entelechist may contain constructive criticism, but we will always try to find positives and what we liked about it. What we try to do here is give the readers of the Entelechist blog an honest and thorough review.

We will NOT review, under any circumstances books that are:

  1. Politically charged books
  2. Religious books
  3. E-book format, Unless a hardcopy (or paperback) of it is sent.

If your literary work stands out, we will make sure it will get the credit it truly deserves here at the Entelechist. We do enjoy and encourage new ideas and concepts in literature to be sent to us for review.

For any inquiries please fill in the form at the contact page or email us at

We’re excited to delve into your literary world.