Author: ernest hemingway


published in 1926

103 pages

Ernest Hemingway’s novella leaves a bit to be desired in the torrent of spring. It took him 10 days to complete the novella and it shows in parts of the story. There are parts of the book at the end of chapters where he halts the story, and engages personally with the reader to explain plots which i found to be quite entertaining and unique. Still, for an author of his stature, those 10 days it took to  produce the novella gave some very engaging, visually pleasant scenes of the plot and some underwhelming ones which felt like were fillers at certain points in the book.

I would pick this book up (again) only if i was going to commute on a 2-3 hour transport which is the same amount time it took me to complete the book. Otherwise it will just remain idle on my bookshelf, whenever i pass reading it’s title i’d chuckle remembering some of the really funny scenes from Yogi Johnson’s adventure when he befriends Native Americans and depressing ones from Diana’s struggle with her internal dialogue and paranoia.



Chances were taken all over the world every day. In China, Chinamen were taking chances. In Africa, Africans. In Egypt, Egyptians. In Poland, Poles. In Russia, Russians. In Ireland, Irish. In Armenia -‘

‘Armenians no take chances,’ the tall Indian grunted quietly.



Plot & Main Characters (No Spoilers)

The story takes place in  small towns of Mancelona and Petoskey, Michigan during the harsh winter months. Scripps O’Neil and Yogi Johnson work in a pump factory, Both in search of the perfect woman.

O’Neil a writer, returns home one day from the library and finds out his wife and daughter have left. Desolated in his world, he decides to move to Chicago, where he believes opportunity to prosper is there for the taking. He ends up at a train station where he finds a frozen bird, picks it up and warms it inside his shirt, the bird awakens and pecks his body in gratitude for warmth he has provided it with. He ends up in a Beanery in Petoskey, Michigan where he meets Diana, the British waitress.  

Yogi Johnson, a war Veteran, reminiscing about his time in Paris, reaches a point where he doesn’t desire any woman at all. Befriending two Native Americans and go on to have a night out and shoot some pool. They leave and start to take a walk and end up near a stable, which turns out to be a man club Run by other Native Americans, where he meets Chiefs with hilarious names such as Chief Running Skunk-backwards. Finally, they end up at the same Beanery Scripps is in.


Summed up

It’s a strange, strange book to review. It certainly has interesting characters and some really hilarious scenes. Plot was fair but on the underwhelming side of the scale. it is visually stimulating especially when Yogi Johnson becomes friends with the two Native Americans.

I’m torn about it overall, but the bottom line is I don’t regret reading or purchasing it.

Have you read the Torrents of spring? what are your thoughts? I’d love to know so please leave a comment if you have!


Review overview

Visually stimulating8
Worth Re-reading5


6.8Not Hemingway's finest work by any stretch, but worth considering!